Product Summary:

This is a non-linked , regular premium payment health insurance plan which provides fixed benefit in case life assured is diagnosed with any of the specified early and /or major stage cancer during the policy term, subject to certain terms and conditions.

The plan has two benefit options which have to be chosen by the proposer at the outset.

Option 1: Level Sum Assured : The Basic Sum Assured remains same through out the term.

Option 2 : Increasing Sum Assured : 10% increase in Sum Assured for 1st 5 years or till diagnosis of specified cancer.

Mode Loading and High SA Rebates

Mode Loading :
  • Yearly Mode : NIL
  • Half Yearly Mode : 2% of Tabular Premium

High Sum Assured Rebate : Nil

Policy Term10 Years to 30 Years

Minimum Entry Age 20 Years (completed)

Maximum Entry Age 65 Years

Minimum Cover Ceasing Age 50 years

Maximum Cover Ceasing Age 75 years

Minimum Basic Sum Assured 10,00,000

Maximum Basic Sum Assured 50,00,000

Policy Benefits

A. Early Stage Cancer

Payable once for the 1st ever event

  • Lumpsum 25% of applicable Sum Assured payable
  • Next 3 years premiums waived

B. Major Stage Cancer

  • Lumpsum 100% of applicable Sum Assured payable minus any claim for A above if any.
  • 1% of applicable Sum Assured guaranteed payable for next 120 months.
  • Waiver of future premiums. Maximum claim payable 220% of applicable sum assured.
Surrender Value

No surrender value will be available under the Policy.


No Loan will be available under the Policy.